Fundscript 2023 Fundraiser

Hello Stelle Dancers and Families!

It is once again Fundscrip time!  How does Fundscrip work?  Buy gift cards, raise money!

For those of you who are unaware of Fundscrip, it is a fundraiser that Le Stelle has every year before Christmas.  This fundraiser encourages your family, friends, neighbours, and coworkers to purchase gift cards to many different retailers, restaurants, and grocery stores.   The gift cards come from some of Canada’s largest retailers.  They are sold at face value but you earn rebates for your dancer from 2% to 10% or more of the purchase price of the cards.  The more you sell, the more money you will end up with in your individual dancer’s account.  

Download PDF order form here:

Please email or print out a copy for each individual who wants to purchase gift cards. We will be collecting ALL orders at the December 4th dance class (or earlier if you have them ready). Any late orders will NOT be accepted as we will be placing the order that evening.  The gift cards will be available for pickup at the studio during dance class on Sunday, December 11th as long as all forms are completed correctly and all payments have been received. Please make cheques payable to Le Stelle Alpine Italian Dancers. Cash is also accepted. NO CREDIT CARDS!  E-Transfers can be made at info@italiandancers.comand will be accepted ONLY IF THE FULL AMOUNT OF THE ORDER IS BEING PAID                

E-transfers from individuals on order forms will not be accepted.

Please make sure the dancers name is on each order form so dancers get their credits. 

Happy selling!!

Fundraising Committee