Costumes & History

Italian culture has many fantastic and colourful costumes. Each region and town has their own style of dress unique to their area. From the vivid coloured skirts of the south to the brilliant printed ones of Northern Italy there are many distinctive features added to make the attire their own. The characteristics of each costume are the result of geography, economy and climate.With extensive research we have tried to represent each region by carefully combining the old with the new. An antique family portrait, a folk dance group from Italy or a museum one had visited in their travels are all ways that have helped inspire our costumes.

Each year there are changes made for the Italian dances and music chosen. The whirling Tarantella might require a costume representative of Southern Italy with its vibrant red and green skirts. The men generally wear the same type of costume from region to region. The basic pieces consist of black or dark slacks that end below the knee, a white shirt and a vest usually made of velvet or wool.

Le Stelle Alpine Italian dancers are always looking and researching new ideas from all sources so the children can further enhance their knowledge the Italian culture and heritage incorporated into their dances and continue to pass it on to future members.