Le Stelle Alpine Italian Dancers includes individuals of all ages, abilities and backgrounds, and they all have one thing in common they have a passion for dancing and sharing their passion of Italian culture! There have been many friendships and bonds formed as part of this group over the years and we look forward to welcoming new dancers and families each year.

Our dancers range in age from 4 and up and many assist with instruction and contributions to new routines and performance ideas. Our instructors strive to include a variety of choreography and styles in our program each year.

Read a message from our instructors.

I Piccolini

Instructor: Victoria Vacchiano
Assistant: Victoria Gibson

Le Stelle Alpine Italian Dancers is excited to welcome new and existing dancers to our group. The  girls in this group range in age from 3-6 years old. Victoria Vacchiano is the teacher with Victoria Gibson as the assistant. Their national dance is to a song by Balla la Taranta by Roberto Scaglioni. They are going to start on a second dance and practice for upcoming performances. It is a fun year with the young and enthusiastic girls.

I Bambini

Instructor: Serena Romeo
Assistant: Sydni Scocchia

Le Farfalline

Instructor: Jacyln DaSilva
Assistant: Jessica Melanson

This group consists of nine very talented, vibrant young girls between the ages of seven and ten. I am surprised every week by how much they are learning and improving with their dance skills. These girls are continuously wanting to be challenged and love coming to class.

The dance they are working on this year is to a song called “Pizzica de Focu” by Beppe Junior. The song’s upbeat, quick tempo offers a challenge to the dancers. The dance contains traditional steps from Southern Italy, some of which, are new for these dancers. The group will be competing in the 2015 Lakehead Music Festival, as well as several performances around the city. Be sure to watch this group perform as their big smiles and colourful skirts bring the dance to life on stage!

Il Gruppo di Amici

Instructor: Stephanie Da Silva
Assistant: Jessica Falcioni

Le Stelline

Instructor: Leah Nadin

La Bella Gioventu

Instructor: Beth DeProphetis